Legal News :: New Website Design

The best form of flattery is when one of your clients refers you to a colleague of theirs. That happened to us this past summer. We had been working with a new law firm (who just celebrated their second anniversary...way to go BSM!!) and passed our name along to a friend of theirs who was looking for a website redesign.

Schenk Boncher & Rypma has been helping clients through legal matters since 1978 - these guys know their stuff! Their current site was outdated and not as easy to navigate so they were looking for something more streamlined, modern, and clean. 

We wanted the site to be light and comfortable, while trying to incorporate some local photography to give it a hometown feel. We also added some modern touches so it didn't feel too stuffy. 

We created a responsive design so the size and style of the site would shift depending on the device that was being viewed. Other features of the site included a blog, which feeds into the homepage, videos about the law firm, and a form that can be filled out if you have legal questions. In addition to the website design and programming, we also took headshots for a few of the attorneys, which were later used on the site as well.

So tell me, do you think we won the case?