Legal News :: New Website Design

The best form of flattery is when one of your clients refers you to a colleague of theirs. That happened to us this past summer. We had been working with a new law firm (who just celebrated their second anniversary...way to go BSM!!) and passed our name along to a friend of theirs who was looking for a website redesign.

Schenk Boncher & Rypma has been helping clients through legal matters since 1978 - these guys know their stuff! Their current site was outdated and not as easy to navigate so they were looking for something more streamlined, modern, and clean. 

We wanted the site to be light and comfortable, while trying to incorporate some local photography to give it a hometown feel. We also added some modern touches so it didn't feel too stuffy. 

We created a responsive design so the size and style of the site would shift depending on the device that was being viewed. Other features of the site included a blog, which feeds into the homepage, videos about the law firm, and a form that can be filled out if you have legal questions. In addition to the website design and programming, we also took headshots for a few of the attorneys, which were later used on the site as well.

So tell me, do you think we won the case?

Print Projects :: Postcard and Brochure Design for Borculo Christian School

I'm not a fan of the statement "Print is Dead", however, if you look at the way my work load has shifted over the last 8 years, you could put together quite an argument that it just might be so. When Matt and I first started STUDIO3TWENTY I was spending roughly 100% of my time working on brochures, business cards, and various other print projects. But as the years went by I saw more and more of my work load transitioning to web. But the thing is, nothing excites me more than a new print project. I love brochures, booklets, catalogs, corporate invitations, you name it. Don't get me wrong, web design, photography, copywriting, and all the other fun aspects of my job are great. And of course my business partner and co-founder is bias when it comes to web, but I think actual paper samples, CMYK inks, and fonts that don't have to be "web safe" really are the bee's knees.

I don't want to digress too far before showing you a sample of the latest print project I got to work on - a brochure and postcard for Borculo Christian School. Their overall objective was twofold - create an eye catching postcard to encourage people to attend their early childhood open house, and update some of their existing print pieces.

The postcard was a flat, double sided direct mail piece that went to nearly 7,000 homes in the area surrounding the school. It gave some general information about the school, details of the open house, and of course had multiple photos of the adorable kids that call Borculo Christian School home each day.

The brochure I created was a tri-fold that highlighted the school's early childhood programs. I played off the same design as the postcard so things would be cohesive. The school really didn't have any previous branding materials in place that I needed to follow from a marketing standpoint (with the exception of their logo), so I was free to go in whichever direction I saw fit.

In addition to the direct mail piece and postcard, I will also be working on a large scale booklet this spring which will feature their entire campus, Three School through 8th grade. I'm super excited to get started on that project and I'll be sure to create a new post once the booklet is done. I had so much fun on the first two pieces and the folks at Borculo have been wonderful to work with. I even heard from them after the fact that they had a good turnout at their open house and they think the postcards may have helped. If you're in the Borculo area and you're looking for a great elementary school, you should definitely check them out!

Photographing Les Miserables at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

In the depths of the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre lie many rooms that are not frequently visited and accessible only via dark stairways and long hallways. Rooms where random props from shows of the theatre's past live on, rooms with a history that none of us may ever know. This is where we shot the promotional piece for this season's most anticipated show, Les Miserables.

Many people may not know the history of this grand old structure, but the "building" that houses the Civic Theatre is actually comprised of four historic buildings: the Wenham Building (1878), the Hull Building (1890), the Botsford Building (1892), and the Meijer Majestic Theatre (1903). We've worked with the theatre for 3 years now and we still get lost when making our way through the back hallways and lesser known rooms. A tour of the facility will leave one in awe.

In the spirit of working with what you've got, we came upon this dark, rarely used corner of the building and we immediately knew we had the perfect spot for our shot. Looking back on it, I wish we had taken a "behind the scenes" shot so you could see how cool this space was. I guess you'll have to take my word for it.
It was about 30 degrees in the room where took these. We never even took our coats off and we were still cold, but the little girl that was used in the shot did a fantastic job. We couldn't have asked for a better model.
Tickets are on sale now for the show, which runs February 28 through March 30. There are sure to be sell out nights, so you'll want to reserve your tickets well in advance. We're looking forward to shooting the dress rehearsal so we can get a sneak peek!

Website Design for Monk Beer Abbey

Royal Oak's newest hot spot is Monk Beer Abbey and we were lucky enough to get to handle the design of the website.

Definitely worth checking out, Monk is described as a warm and simply decorated restaurant which pays tribute to the brewing history of Belgium's monasteries and the Monks who invented the historic styles. 

In addition to creating the full desktop version of the site, we also designed and programmed the mobile version of the website, also referred to as responsive design. This means the site can be seamlessly viewed on tablets or smart phones and everything renders great.

If you're in the Royal Oak area and looking for a hip bar for the evening, Monk is definitely your go-to place. It's located inside Bastone Brewery at 5th & Main. Stop by and channel your inner Monk - get a Belgian pint and stay for a while.

Sherlock Holmes Theatre Photos

The Grand Rapids Civic Theatre has an amazing lineup for their 2013 season and they've once again asked us to be the official photographers. This means we get to photograph the dress rehearsals and take part in the promotional shots. We recently got to work with the cast of the season opener, Sherlock Holmes. 
In this rendition Sherlock Holmes is solving a crime, falling for the famous opera singer Irene Adler, and tangling with criminal mastermind Professor Moriarty, all with the help of his faithful companion, Doctor Watson.
Spencer Tomlin plays the part of Sherlock Holmes

Patrick Hendren plays the part of Doctor Watson
The show opens September 6, 2013. Get your tickets now, as shows do tend to sell out quickly. We won't be disappointed.