Lena: Ann Arbor's Newest Restaurant

On our way to a concert in Detroit, we stopped to visit one of our clients, Lena. We needed some photos for their new website, which we were in the process of designing. A pleasant surprise awaited us, as we not only got to hang out in this sweet hot spot, but we also got to sample the dishes as well.

A sleek interior... modern, clean, and stylish. Welcome to Lena, the newest addition to downtown Ann Arbor's restaurant scene. 

A lot of care is taken to make sure each dish looks as good as it tastes!

In all honesty, the food was killer. Typically, you're taught to never eat the food during a photo shoot. I've seen my fair share of butter being used in place of ice cream (to avoid melting) and other abstract items being used in place of certain foods to achieve a look that's more pleasing. But the food in these shots is all 100% authentic, and it tasted amazing.

Once we got some great shots, and had our fair share of fantastic food, we headed off to the concert at DTE. It was a busy day for someone who was 7 months expecting, but who could ask for more? Great food and great entertainment...it really doesn't get any better.

Feature Article: June is Women in Technology Month

I've always said that one thing I enjoy about my job is that I get to wear many hats and over the years my role has morphed from exclusively doing print design, to being a web designer, a copywriter, and a public relations & marketing consultant. I do enjoy when I get the opportunity to write articles and help my clients think through marketing strategies - after all, that is what my educational background is in. I recently had the opportunity to pen an article about June being Women in Technology month. 

Women in Technology: Turning the Tables
When it comes to women in the workforce, society and the media traditionally place them in nurturing or social fields such as nursing, teaching, or administration positions. With time and a savvy business acumen, that stereotype is changing as we are seeing a shift in women joining fields that are traditionally held by men. June is National Women in Science and Technology Month, it celebrates the roles females play in what is traditionally considered an industry dominated by males.

To read the article in its entirety, click here.

Welcome Our New Team Member

Our awesome clients sent a onesie for the newest member of our team. Yes, Bloom Sluggett Morgan is so good, even babies love them. Always great seeing our logo designs in action.

Custom Website Developed With Built in CRM

In this video I will show you an overview of the Business Catalyst robust customer relationship management (CRM) module. This is a great tool for tracking client activities on and off the web and off.

Some of the key features to point out before you start the video.

  • Tasks 
  • Task reminders via email
  • Cases (Support Tickets)
  • Custom customer data fields
  • Email marketing
  • Client notes
  • and more

Our Client North Peak Brewery Featured on Great American Brew Trail

It's always fun seeing people do what they're good at, and this video is a great opportunity to see our client North Peak Brewing Company in action. Be sure to check out their website, which is one that we designed. And, be sure to check back shortly as we will be programming a mobile site for them.