Photographing Les Miserables at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

In the depths of the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre lie many rooms that are not frequently visited and accessible only via dark stairways and long hallways. Rooms where random props from shows of the theatre's past live on, rooms with a history that none of us may ever know. This is where we shot the promotional piece for this season's most anticipated show, Les Miserables.

Many people may not know the history of this grand old structure, but the "building" that houses the Civic Theatre is actually comprised of four historic buildings: the Wenham Building (1878), the Hull Building (1890), the Botsford Building (1892), and the Meijer Majestic Theatre (1903). We've worked with the theatre for 3 years now and we still get lost when making our way through the back hallways and lesser known rooms. A tour of the facility will leave one in awe.

In the spirit of working with what you've got, we came upon this dark, rarely used corner of the building and we immediately knew we had the perfect spot for our shot. Looking back on it, I wish we had taken a "behind the scenes" shot so you could see how cool this space was. I guess you'll have to take my word for it.
It was about 30 degrees in the room where took these. We never even took our coats off and we were still cold, but the little girl that was used in the shot did a fantastic job. We couldn't have asked for a better model.
Tickets are on sale now for the show, which runs February 28 through March 30. There are sure to be sell out nights, so you'll want to reserve your tickets well in advance. We're looking forward to shooting the dress rehearsal so we can get a sneak peek!