Pigeon Hill Brewing Company Business Cards

Let's have a beer and talk business.

Pigeon Hill Brewing Company is one of Muskegon's newest additions to the micro brew community, and they're a fine example of the craft that gave west Michigan the reputation for being Beer City, USA.

With the goal of expanding and distributing down the line, they brought us on board to create their business cards. You know we love working with breweries, as referenced here, so we jumped at the opportunity.
When you visit their taproom you'll find it's the ideal place to meet up with friends, it really feels like your neighborhood gathering place. And they've paid homage to a little Muskegon history which makes for fun conversation.
Business cards are always a fun project for us to design because they're such an important piece of your overall brand. After all, they're often your first impression. Think about when you meet a new business contact for the first time - exchanging business cards is typically one of the first gestures of the meeting, so why not make sure you offer up the best impression possible?
Next time you're setting up a business meeting on the lakeshore, head on over to Pigeon Hill, grab a pint, and exchange business cards.

Print Projects :: Postcard and Brochure Design for Borculo Christian School

I'm not a fan of the statement "Print is Dead", however, if you look at the way my work load has shifted over the last 8 years, you could put together quite an argument that it just might be so. When Matt and I first started STUDIO3TWENTY I was spending roughly 100% of my time working on brochures, business cards, and various other print projects. But as the years went by I saw more and more of my work load transitioning to web. But the thing is, nothing excites me more than a new print project. I love brochures, booklets, catalogs, corporate invitations, you name it. Don't get me wrong, web design, photography, copywriting, and all the other fun aspects of my job are great. And of course my business partner and co-founder is bias when it comes to web, but I think actual paper samples, CMYK inks, and fonts that don't have to be "web safe" really are the bee's knees.

I don't want to digress too far before showing you a sample of the latest print project I got to work on - a brochure and postcard for Borculo Christian School. Their overall objective was twofold - create an eye catching postcard to encourage people to attend their early childhood open house, and update some of their existing print pieces.

The postcard was a flat, double sided direct mail piece that went to nearly 7,000 homes in the area surrounding the school. It gave some general information about the school, details of the open house, and of course had multiple photos of the adorable kids that call Borculo Christian School home each day.

The brochure I created was a tri-fold that highlighted the school's early childhood programs. I played off the same design as the postcard so things would be cohesive. The school really didn't have any previous branding materials in place that I needed to follow from a marketing standpoint (with the exception of their logo), so I was free to go in whichever direction I saw fit.

In addition to the direct mail piece and postcard, I will also be working on a large scale booklet this spring which will feature their entire campus, Three School through 8th grade. I'm super excited to get started on that project and I'll be sure to create a new post once the booklet is done. I had so much fun on the first two pieces and the folks at Borculo have been wonderful to work with. I even heard from them after the fact that they had a good turnout at their open house and they think the postcards may have helped. If you're in the Borculo area and you're looking for a great elementary school, you should definitely check them out!

Website Design for Monk Beer Abbey

Royal Oak's newest hot spot is Monk Beer Abbey and we were lucky enough to get to handle the design of the website.

Definitely worth checking out, Monk is described as a warm and simply decorated restaurant which pays tribute to the brewing history of Belgium's monasteries and the Monks who invented the historic styles. 

In addition to creating the full desktop version of the site, we also designed and programmed the mobile version of the website, also referred to as responsive design. This means the site can be seamlessly viewed on tablets or smart phones and everything renders great.

If you're in the Royal Oak area and looking for a hip bar for the evening, Monk is definitely your go-to place. It's located inside Bastone Brewery at 5th & Main. Stop by and channel your inner Monk - get a Belgian pint and stay for a while.

What Can You Create Today?

As members of Design West Michigan, we received the perk of having a trial membership to the Grand Rapids Art Museum. We took advantage of this a few times to check out the ever-changing exhibits, and the educational Friday Night Conversation series. The focus of the series for the month of June was 2D and 3D design, which was perfect for a pair of design junkies like ourselves.

One particular conversation series (Design/Educate/Connect) featured 6 interviews with a variety of local design entrepreneurs from different sectors of the design community. Featured were Benjamin Gott, creator of Boxed Water, Nicolai Czumaj-Bront, furniture designer at Haworth, Rick DeVos, mastermind behind Art Prize, Josh Higginson of Premier Skateshop, Chad Miller from Restaurant Bloom, and Nick Stockton of Teamwork Design. Each designer shed light on how their respective businesses came about, how they are influenced by everyday design, and how they use design in their business.

You might ask, how does design relate to a restaurant? Well, in Restaurant Bloom’s case, its simple. Chad talked about how design influenced everything from his choice of dinnerware to the way the food was displayed on the plate. Its easy to choose the cheapest item, but give design a little thought and your customers will notice the details.

When you open your mind to the idea that design is involved in everything you do, your concepts become more functional and more aesthetically pleasing.

The highlight of the evening for me was listening to Rick DeVos explain how Art Prize came about, and what to expect this year. If you visited Art Prize last year, you know the impact it had on the Grand Rapids community. Personally I cannot wait to go back this year.

In closing, a quote that really stood out to me was explained by Nicolai Czumaj-Bront. When asked how ideas come to him when creating beautiful, yet functional pieces of furniture he stated that when you look at a caterpillar, you never expect that the end result will be a butterfly.

Think about design the same way. Things aren’t always as they seem. What can you create today?

New Host...New Logo

We often get clients requesting a new logo design for one of 2 reasons: 1. They are a startup business. 2. They are in need of a change, either because their old logo does not represent their business and identity well, or they are undergoing some "internal changes." Unless you've been living under a rock, you know by now that Jay Leno is retiring from the Tonight Show, and being replaced by Conan O'Brien. What happens when "new management" takes over a company? Inevitably there are going to be some changes, and in this case its a new logo. You might remember the old logo, which looks like this:

The new Conan logo looks like this:

O'Brien had this to say about the new logo... "I wanted a logo that acknowledges the long, rich tradition of The Tonight Show while still looking good on hats, t-shirts, mugs, lawn furniture, notebooks, stemware, urns, defibrillators, water bottles, cell phones, sports equipment, pens, vacuums, chimes and our new line of unisex cologne."

What do you think of the new logo? Was it time for a change, or do you like the old logo better?