Welcome Our New Team Member

Our awesome clients sent a onesie for the newest member of our team. Yes, Bloom Sluggett Morgan is so good, even babies love them. Always great seeing our logo designs in action.

Portfolio Book: Made-From-Scratch

I made a portfolio book from scratch, and despite my lack of knowledge when it comes to using tools and building things, I think it turned out well.

The cover is made out of wood, which I stained with two coats of Minwax. The first coat of stain took about 10 minutes to dry, while the second coat of stain took 3 days to dry.

I used continuous hinges on the inside, 12" long, and 1/4" screw posts, both from Lowe's.

The prints inside are actual photos, 11" x 17", which makes it easy to swap out for new images in the future.

There are currently 14 pages, but there is flexibility to grow in the future.

East Grand Rapids Polar Plunge Photos

Recently we had the pleasure to attend the Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) Polar Plunge held each year in East Grand Rapids Reeds Lake. This is a great event that raises money for Special Olympic Michigan. While we were there we had to break out the camera with the hopes of sharing this great event with others. After seeing how much cool and crazy fun was had by all, while raising money for a great cause, we might have to take the plunge next year.

Enjoy our photos and let us know what you think.

Using our skills to give back...and eat a lot

Over the course of the last few years, we've seen a bevy of local restaurants go under. Just this week we saw the Adobe sign in Allendale get covered up, while the McDonald's right next store was swamped. We asked, what's wrong with people? Buying local keeps money local, which makes a community thrive. A year ago we found ourselves not helping the situation by dining at any one of the numerous chains in town. We asked ourselves, what can we do to make a difference, even if it was just a small one?

Welcome the arrival of Local GR Eats (or Local Greats, depending on how you write it.) Since the inception of our concept, we can honestly say we have not had dinner at a chain restaurant. We even gave up my fave, Fajita-Rita Monday at Chili's, which was a regular hot spot for us. In return we've been rewarded with great food, wonderful service, and the opportunity to genuinely support the local businesses that make West Michigan great.

The idea was to use social media and word of mouth to find great locally owned restaurants, visit them with a group of friends, then spread the word. We started a blog and began using Facebook and Twitter. We never imagined what would become of it. Within weeks we had hundreds of hits a day to our blog, and we had 200+ Facebook fans, 90% of which were people we didn't know. They just liked the idea and wanted to support it. If you "like" Local GR Eats on Facebook, you can see where we're going next, and you can check out our blog to see where we've been.

Each time we dine out we make an attempt to speak to the owner, who is almost always working, and what we find are hardworking people who are passionate about what they do. They truly appreciate the fact that we bring a group in to their restaurant, then tell everyone we can about them. We've had fantastic experiences, wonderful food, and great service at places we had never been to before. Authentic Mexican fare is right in our backyard at Maggie's Kitchen. Never been there...read the post, its phenomenal. Looking for quirky decor with an incredible menu? Kopper Top is the place. The cutest restaurant with the most adorable owners goes to none other than Marie Catrib's.

We felt great when people would send us messages saying they had never heard of Angel's Thai Cafe, but after reading our blog they had to try it and went there for lunch the next day. Are we changing the world? No, but we're happy if get just a few more people to think about supporting local business and trying some of the many fantastic places in their own backyards.

Eat up...and do it locally!

Got a great restaurant we should visit? Send us a message on our Facebook page.