Feature Article: June is Women in Technology Month

I've always said that one thing I enjoy about my job is that I get to wear many hats and over the years my role has morphed from exclusively doing print design, to being a web designer, a copywriter, and a public relations & marketing consultant. I do enjoy when I get the opportunity to write articles and help my clients think through marketing strategies - after all, that is what my educational background is in. I recently had the opportunity to pen an article about June being Women in Technology month. 

Women in Technology: Turning the Tables
When it comes to women in the workforce, society and the media traditionally place them in nurturing or social fields such as nursing, teaching, or administration positions. With time and a savvy business acumen, that stereotype is changing as we are seeing a shift in women joining fields that are traditionally held by men. June is National Women in Science and Technology Month, it celebrates the roles females play in what is traditionally considered an industry dominated by males.

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An Evening with the Griffins

Something you may not know about STUDIO3TWENTY is that we often help our clients with event planning. This is a part of my job that I thoroughly enjoy because it lets me exercise my left brain and my handy organizational skills.

When IT Resource wanted to celebrate their company's birthday, I worked with them to plan an event that would ensure a good time was had by all. We ultimately decided to host a night of hockey with the Grand Rapids Griffins. We reserved the swank Corner Office, which allowed guests to watch the game from the comfort of a recliner. Equipped with end tables to house your food and beverage, this is definitely the place to be for any event at the Van Andel Arena.

As a part of our event planning duties, we serve as the main point of contact for the facility, we coordinate the food and beverage, design the invitations to be sent to customers, and handle all loose ends that may pop up the day/night of the event.  

Hitting A Sweet Spot

STUDIO3TWENTY was recently hired by IT Resource to decorate a table they were sponsoring at the Celebrate Coopersville dinner. Sponsoring a table means you decorate it however you'd like and guests vote on the best table. All money raised went to Neo Forum, a Coopersville Area Public Schools program that aims to reduce the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and violence within the PreK-12 population....a very good cause!

We decided to hit attendee's sweet spots by creating a candy buffet, which turned out to be a big hit. The jars were courtesy of Goodie Bag by Lindsey Robinson, a good friend and fellow Coopersville graduate.

By the end of the evening all the candy was gone and IT Resource got many compliments on their table. A job well done.... and money raised for a great cause!