Food and Product Photography…These are a Few of my Favorite Things

Grand Haven Food & Product Photographer

Food really is a beautiful thing. It brings people together, has the ability to make us feel good, can elicit sweet memories from a simple taste or smell, and fuels our bodies. Over time I’ve also realized that food is a powerful tool from a design point of view as well.Grand Haven Commercial Photographer

We all have aspects of our jobs that we like better than others, it’s just the nature of the game. I don’t particularly enjoy the accounting portion of running a business, but food and product photography is something I can definitely sink my teeth into…pun intended. And it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite tasks.Grand Haven Commercial Photographer

Spring Lake based Relative Foods is a family owned business that packages and sells organic and non-gmo products. These are qualities that I love as a consumer, so helping them grow their business and create a brand was a very exciting project for us. One thing we’ve always loved about our line of work is helping businesses grow.Grand Haven Commercial Photographer

We started by designing a logo for Relative Foods, then created packaging labels for each of their products – from sugar and salt, to popcorn. Once the products were ready for consumers we went on-site to take photos of their facility and production line. Finally, and perhaps the best part of the whole project, was styling the products in a lifestyle shoot. Obviously, this included tasting the food when we were done.

Grand Haven Food & Product Photography

So what is it that I love so much about food and product photography? For starters, I like having fun with the layout. By viewing food as a set of beautiful objects we can take the photographs to the next level. If you’ve ever second guessed your decision to go for a second helping, even though your stomach thought otherwise, then you understand the saying “you eat with your eyes first.”

Grand Haven Food & Product PhotographyFood can contain all the key elements of design – color, pattern, texture, shape, and form – you just have to combine them in a way that makes the viewer want to eat it – even if they’ve just finished three helpings of a delicious homemade Thanksgiving meal. The end goal is to create a mouth watering sensation that leaves the viewer’s stomach rumbling.Grand Haven Food & Product Photography

So, who’s hungry?

Grand Haven Food & Product Photography

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