Elementary Education

Borculo Christian School

Borculo Christian School


Borculo, MI / Between Grand Rapids & Grand Haven

Pieces We Worked On

School catalog design, direct mail postcard invitations, tri-fold brochure design

Their overall objective was twofold – create an eye catching postcard to encourage people to attend their early childhood open house, and create a new catalog and brochure design that featured their entire campus, Three School through 8th grade.

The postcard went to nearly 7,000 homes in the area surrounding the school. It gave some general information about the school, details of the open house, and of course had multiple photos of the adorable kids that call Borculo Christian School home each day.

I love print design so much more than web and that’s why I loved working on this project because print will never die! Long live print projects!

Andrea Snyder - Lead Graphic Designer