Northern Physical Therapy

Northern Physical Therapy


Located throughout west Michigan, including Grand Rapids, Muskegon (Norton Shores), Sparta, Cedar Springs, Wayland, and Lowell.

Pieces We Worked On

Marketing consulting, website design and maintenance, brochures, sales flyers, physician and patient materials, advertisements, press releases, social media coordination, and content and copywriting for their blog and newsletter

With 10 locations and counting, Northern trusts us to handle a variety of their marketing materials from a print, web, and social perspective. We schedule and lay out their monthly newsletters, which includes writing a number of articles that are featured on their blog. We create the printed materials that are given to physicians and patients. We also handle their website design, maintenance, and all updates.

It’s a perfect situation for them, as we’re available whenever they need something taken care of, yet they have the benefit of not having to host a full time designer and programmer on-site.

We’ve always counted on STUDIO3TWENTY to take our ideas and turn them into beautiful marketing pieces that represent the vision of our organization. Thank you for helping us grow and always looking out for our best interests.

Gina Otterbein - Regional Director, Northern Physical Therapy