Real Estate

Sandi Gentry :: Grand Haven Realtor

Sandi Gentry, Grand Haven Realtor


Grand Haven / Spring Lake

Pieces We Worked On

Real estate catalog design, business cards, direct mail postcard, full color glossy magazine print advertisement in Michigan Blue Magazine

The real estate market can be tough, that’s why Sandi brought us on to create some marketing materials that would make her stand out from the crowd. Because she had listed so many beautiful properties in the Grand Haven area, we had loads of gorgeous photos to help pull the design together. Over time, we created a series of pieces that she was able to use for direct mail, face-to-face marketing, and general sales.

Whenever I travel to a new neighborhood or city, I always look at the local real estate on my Zillow app. It’s a habit I got into after spending over a year looking for my current home. That made working with Sandi so much fun – I loved seeing all the unique properties she was listing in the Grand Haven area.

Andrea Snyder - Lead Graphic Designer