Information Technology

IT Resource

IT Resource


Coopersville, MI / Between Grand Rapids & Grand Haven

Pieces We Worked On

Marketing consulting, sales flyers, event planning, corporate invitation & postcard design, website design and maintenance, website search engine optimization, content and copywriting for their blog and newsletter

In 2008 our relationship with IT Resource consisted of a few projects here and there, whenever they needed help with an ad or some website updates. As time went on their company embraced constant growth, and our role with them grew as well. We’ve since gone from working with them on an as-needed basis to being their main marketing consultants. We’re happy to report they’re still experiencing growth within their organization and we love playing an active role in their achievements.

STUDIO3TWENTY has been fantastic to partner with over the last 10+ years.   Andrea embodies creativity and has an exceptional eye for detail. Her marketing and graphic designs are always spot on. Matt’s website development talents shine through on every page, every time. We truly feel STUDIO3TWENTY is an integral part of our IT Resource team.

Gary Lutz - President & Senior Partner, IT Resource