Women in Technology :: Part 2

If you’ve ever been a part of an engineering meeting, or sat amongst a group of IT professionals, you may have noticed a trend. A large number of people in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields tend to be men. Efforts are being made on many levels to bring more women on board, and it’s starting as early as elementary school.

June is national Women in Technology month and just like last year, I spoke with a number of women in high profile STEM positions who had some very interesting insight into being the minority in their role. The article was picked up by MiTechNews, which was a perfect outlet, considering the subject. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Women in Tech :: Grow. Learn. Succeed.
“In an industry of constant change and evolution, Amanda Regnerus has at times found herself lacking the confidence that she would be able to make the change or learn at the pace that was needed to keep up with the IT industry. Her admission to those fears may come as a surprise, considering Regnerus is the Vice President of Marketing at US Signal Company, a global technology enterprise.” + Continue reading the entire article.

A special thanks to those who contributed:
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Carrie Borchers :: IT Resource Director of Sales :: @csborch or @itresourceinc
Nicole Johnson :: Cisco Systems Engineer :: @tech_nicole
Deidra J. McClelland :: The Skye Group CEO :: @skyegroupgr
Patti Phillips :: Cisco Mid Market Account Manager :: @cisco
Amanda Regnerus :: US Signal Company Vice President, Marketing :: @aregnerus

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